6 Reasons to Choose an External Recruitment Partner

People! People! People! The success of your business hinges on your team and you need to grow yours! But how? You hear the ads…you know the ones promising to deliver the perfect candidate to your inbox within minutes of posting to a job board? Sounds great! Sure…until 100’s or even 1,000’s of unqualified candidates start bombarding your email and sucking up your time!

Please, stop draining one your most valuable resources!


Maybe you already have an internal recruitment team and are wondering why you need to consider partnering with an outside firm.  Here are a few reasons and the breakdown:



Recruiting! It’s what we do! Outsourcing always makes sense if it’s not your core competency.



A good recruiting firm can keep the “time to hire” rate close to 30 to 60 days by utilizing the latest AI driven search technology to network with ideal profile candidates from day one. Conversely, it could take a year or more to find and/or completely build an internal team to do all the work. You need a network and database that has been built over decades to quickly connect with candidates on your behalf!



It’s a candidate driven market, so being able to source, attract and land top employed talent is crucial! Most in-house recruiters don’t have the bandwidth to go after passive candidates or are encouraged not to directly poach from competitors.



Sometimes the best insight comes from the outside. Hiring an outside firm helps give your company executives a fresh look and different perspective not only at their business, but their people, processes and the competitive market for talent.



Your hiring messaging must effectively and consistently communicate your brand and culture across the job landscape! A solid external team will incorporate learning your business as part of their strategy while identifying and implementing a metric-driven strategy to create unique branding initiatives increasing candidate engagement.



Although it can seem to be more cost effective to build in-house, there’s really no way to compare the wealth of experience, tech and tools you receive with an external team. And an experienced firm will always present transparent pricing with long term guarantees ensuring you get top quality hires.


Sometimes, the recruiting process may require a combination of using both in-house and an external company… If you still are considering moving or building your recruiting team in- house, utilizing an external firm to help partner with you in the process is definitely a viable cost effective option.

A trusted partner can aid in the transition by:

  • Providing a breakdown of the current state of the recruitment department and align the future state of recruitment goals with business needs
  • Revitalize or create standard operating procedures
  • Ensure the proper dashboard, metrics and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Align training  and ongoing support with the new process




You want an external team that knows how to partner with your internal TA team.  Everyone involved with recruitment should always have a focus on the candidate experience and the company culture!

We understand your internal team is swamped often working on more openings then humanly possible.  We get it…we’ve been on the inside!   The overall takeaway is to make sure you align with the proper partner that provides the right level of professionalism, pricing and execution for the new plan.

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